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Welcome to the website of Real Logistics


Real Logistics Group is a company with 100% Polish capital that has been operating continuously in the global market since 2006. Since then, we have managed to establish ourselves as a reliable and trusted brand in the eyes of our clients. This motivates us to continuously develop and increase efficiency. The key element that allows us to offer high-quality services is the authentic synergy of our team. Through skillful complementing and supporting each other, we can meet the most complex freight forwarding challenges as a team.

The company employs over 150 people. The headquarters are located in Wroclaw, but the company also has actively operating branches:

    • Gdynia, which, together with Gdansk, constitutes the most important center of maritime transport in Poland, and we are part of it;
    • Warsaw,where the branch in the capital specializes in rail connections and agency contacts;
    • Boleslawiec, where we launched our own customs agency in 2019;
    • Nysa, where we opened our own customs agency in 2022;
    • Wolka Dobrynska near Malaszewicze, where is the transshipment hub of the New Silk Road. We also have there a transportation base, agency, and customs warehouse;


Foreign branches with registered companies belonging to the Group:

 Chengdu in China, where we have our console, that is, the ability to consolidate packages for transport

 Structure of Real Logistics

In Real Logistics, we understand that while we undertaking transport, we are accountable for it – at any stage. Therefore, we provide a regular assessment of the reliability of our partners in order to make use of services only of those who are the best and most reliable. In this way, we minimize the risk of confusion and unforeseen situations and we are sure that the shipment is delivered safely and on time.

Real Logistics is a part of several international, prestigious forwarding networks such as Marco Polo Line, JC Trans, WCA, OLO, AILA and Wiffa. We regularly strengthen our cooperation with members of these organizations to be sure that they control the process of implementation in accordance with our standards. That is why we can offer our Customers the transport carried out reliably from the beginning to the end, in the farthest corners of the globe. Also, we are members of IATA and NVOCC.

 Wiffa 2024JCAEO PermissionWCAMarco 2024OLO 2024


We are also a member of the Container Self-Storage & Traders Association (CSTA) network, which is active in the container trading and self-storage sector.

The best and most valuable assessment is issued not by us but by an external entity. With pride, we can announce that in the 10th year of our activities, Real Logistics has received from the Customs Service a prestigious AEO Certificate that attests our highest diligence while providing our services and confidence in our practices. After an in-depth analysis of the procedures, it has been found that they meet the highest requirements. It allows us to officially display the AEO logo next to our company's one. Besides the prestigious aspects, the ownership of an AEO certificate gives specific benefits for our customers, the most relevant of which is both a priority when handling the applications for customs clearance and accelerating the implementation of customs clearance


Oppinions of our Customers:

  • „Crucial aspect for us is flexibility of Real Logistics. It displays in adjustment to always meet our needs and finding solutions in uncommon situations.” US PHARMACIA
  • „Even when competition offered better prices, it never convinced me to leave Real Logistics – they always win, I can always recommend them.” – TPS, Tomasz Ozga
  • “We co-operate with Real Logistics since 2015. We chose them when we need a railway service in Central and Eastern Europe. It is very reliable, punctual and trustworthy business partner.” – COSCO SHIPPING LOGISTICS, Andy Liu